The Author

Kara Muir is an illustrator, crafts artist, blogger, belly dancer, and competitive air guitarist (tied fourth best in the nation in 2019, and yes, there is such a thing!). She was a massage therapist for 20 years until she was diagnosed with stage 4 colorectal cancer.

To occupy herself during treatment, Kara started drawing pet portraits and decided to re-illlustrate FIONA PLAYS WITH HER BEAVER, a book she self-published in 2011 inspired by her pug Fiona and Fiona's favorite chew toy. Working within the digital medium, she gave the story new life with even sweeter, more vibrant illustrations. She plans to release her second children's book in 2021.

Along with her medical team and family, her art and her dogs help keep Kara alive. Through three rounds of chemotherapy, a colostomy, three surgeries, and five doses of radiation, she has given belly dancing performances, competed in the U.S. Air Guitar National Championship, and kept up her blog twice a week without fail. She hopes to massage again as well. Still, the path has been difficult and she takes it one step at a time.

In Kara's own words:

"In reality nobody knows how much time they have, getting a diagnosis can be a mixed bag. Yes, being told that your own cells are having a free-for-all in your body is shocking and horrific but this information can make you really figure out what is important to you and also who you are important to. Cutting the bull**** and accepting love is key for me. Any one of us can have our number punched by an aneurysm or a bus so we might as well live while we are here." 

Cancer is not the muse we would have asked for, but we are proud to present FIONA PLAYS WITH HER BEAVER and all future works of Biggy Sancho Books to the world.