The Team

Kara Picante Muir is the author of the children’s book, Fiona Plays With Her Beaver, as well as a craft artist, blogger, belly dancer, air guitarist (U.S. Air Guitar Hall of Fame), and massage therapist. Diagnosed with stage 4 colorectal cancer in 2019, she began drawing pet portraits and entered the business of doggy themed kids’ books to silence her nagging husband. For more about her, visit her blog, The Adventures of Kara Picante.

A former cynophobe (someone who fears dogs), Charles Austin Muir fell in love with a rescue pug and went on to collect two more and a very unscary pit lab. He is co-founder of Biggy Sancho Books (Fiona Plays With Her Beaver) and an author of arguably scary books for grown-ups, including Slippery When Metastasized and the Splatterpunk Award nominated This Is a Horror Book.