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You know how you watched cartoons as a kid and totally missed all the grown-up humor? You turned out all right, right? And the parents got a laugh or two. Well, that's what children's book publisher Biggy Sancho Books aims to deliver: Books that give kids the feels and the parents a bit of fun on top of the fun. Our debut book, FIONA PLAYS WITH HER BEAVER, is about a pug who embarks on a quest to find her lost chew toy, a totally innocent and heartwarming story! Originally published in 2011, it's kid-tested and parent- and pug-approved.

Find the book on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other online retailers! Plus additional accompanying narration and snarfle sound effects available for free on YouTube! Try it with your little one or furry one and if you enjoy it, we'd love it if you bought it on Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, and many other places where digital music is sold.

Fiona Plays With Her Beaver Cover Art

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